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Parish Council Meetings

Our meetings are usually held in Scarning Village Hall and start at 7.30pm. If you wish to join any of our meetings please contact the Parish Clerk (


Please check the Agenda for each meeting for more full details, or contact the Parish Clerk.

Our meetings are often attended by local councillors.

Your Local Councillors are:-

Norfolk County Council William Richmond 

Breckland  Council Lynda Turner

Paul Hewett -

For a short guide to attending our meetings please see the attached document

Parish Council meeting dates in 2023

​​January 16

February 13 (Revised Date)

March 20

April 17 (Annual Parish Meeting)

May 22 (Annual Parish Council Meeting at which the Council elects a Chair and Vice Chair for the year)

June 26 (Revised Date)

July 17

September 25 (Revised Date)

October 16

November 20


The Role of the Clerk


The Clerk is the ‘Proper Officer’ of the Council who is responsible for the smooth running of the Council’s business. The Clerk is the first point of contact for the Council and all correspondence comes to the Clerk.


Responsibility for implementing the decisions of the Council rests with the Clerk along with giving professional guidance where necessary, whilst remaining neutral and objective. The Clerk is the Council's Responsible Financial Officer.

Meeting Information


We actively encourage the public to our meetings so you can see what we do and ask questions of the Council. Please see below some brief notes on attendance. 

Filming at Meetings

Public Participation



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