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Scarning Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of nine councillors, who are elected for a period of four years, the last elections being in May 2023 (these were uncontested elections). If vacancies arise, the Council is given authority to fill them by co-option. 


One of our members is elected each year to be the Chairperson. We also elect a Vice Chairperson.


We have an officer, the Parish Clerk. The role of the Clerk is advisory and supportive of the Council and its functions.

The Parish Council looks after the interests of the parish and its inhabitants. It has many functions, but broadly speaking is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the two play areas on the Water Meadows; the maintenance of the Outdoor Fitness equipment on the Playing Field on Shipdham Lane, as well as the Zip Wire and outdoor table tennis table; the maintenance of the roadside verges in some parts of the parish; the provision of dog, litter and grit bins; the maintenance of some street lights (mostly in the older part of the parish); the maintenance of the church clock and the war memorial; and the repair and upkeep of bus shelters in the parish. The Parish Council has a budget this year of £42,000.

Scarning Parish Councillors

Councillors’ Registers of Interests are available on Breckland Council's website. When visiting their site, follow the link to 'Town & Parish Council Details M-Y'

Our current councillors are:-

Fiona Bradford (Chair)

Steve Bunn (Vice Chair)

Tim Abel

Melanie Blackburn

Charles Hewson

Michael Steward

Paper Clips

The Role of a Councillor


The councillors who make up the Parish Council are local people who provide a democratic voice on behalf of Scarning's residents.


Parish councillors are unpaid and do not receive an allowance. It is a voluntary role.

Councillors are elected to represent the interests of the local community as a whole and to promote a harmonious local environment. When we have vacancies we are able to co-opt new members.

It is important for parish councils that local people stand as candidates to ensure the Council is made up of people who understand the issues and priorities for the area. The best councils are made up of a diverse range of local people, each bringing to the Council their own life experiences, local knowledge and passion for the area. 

Becoming a parish councillor is a rewarding and valued form of public service. All councillors contribute to the work of the Parish Council by:

- Putting forward ideas for better facilities and services

- Responding to the needs and views of residents

- Seeking the best outcome to local issues

- Helping to make Scarning a better place to live


Councillors take decisions that affect the local area. This includes

- Play areas and play equipment

- Grants for local organisations

- Consultation on local planning

- Dog, litter and grit bins

Are you interested in becoming a councillor ?

If you would like more information on becoming a councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk (

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